01. Design

Pixel perfect mock-ups, wire-frames and front and back-end designs, user interfaces and user experience.


02. Development

Dual-discipline means the same cohesive mind that designed your project will now develop it, using razor-sharp cutting edge tech and for a fraction of what you’d pay the twins.


03. Direction

Creative direction, ideas and thinking so far outside of the box we guarantee to deliver a website that looks NOTHING like a Wordpress site!


CMS Ecommerce Rockstar

Our underlying philosophy is to build and deliver beautiful, responsive websites and progressive web apps (PWA) that can be easily maintained by those with very limited technical expertise.

So we focus exclusively on delivering those exceptional websites using any combination of the following CMS and Ecommerce platforms, frameworks, libraries & technologies :

CMS and Ecommerce Frameworks

Full-Control of Your Content

On Time, Within Budget and On Point.

Services may include brainstorming, idea-generation, wire-frames, prototyping, mock-ups, PoC’s building up to breathtaking website, CMS and/or Mobile App theme design and development. Also CMS plug-in recommendations, custom plug-in development as well as compatibility testing and troubleshooting. Both headless and traditional eCommerce and Content Management Systems include Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Prestasahop, Sanity, Snipcart, PyroCMS utilizing frameworks and libraries such as Ionic, Angular, Vue.js, React.js and Next.js.

Regardless of the technology implemented, every one of our clients receive a modern, clean and classy frontend design coupled with an an easy-to-navigate backend that makes for an entire customer experience that is second to none.

Headless CMS & Ecommerce Benefits

You may have heard this “headless” term thrown around without totally grasping its meaning. First off: how is a headless (or decoupled) CMS different from a traditional one? Unlike the holistic, monolithic approach of traditional platforms (WordPress, Shopify, etc.), decoupled solutions imply a clear separation between backend and frontend. Chopping its head right off. Thus, “headless”.

Limitless Customization & Personalization

Headless eCommerce allows businesses to define the exact experience they want, for both buyers and administrative users.

Improves Time to Value

With a headless commerce platform, you are starting from the point of completion which is allowing you to focus on the user experience and deliver a final solution for far less cost, time and effort.

Frontend Developer Freedom

By not having a defined front-end, headless eCommerce allows front-end developers to create a completely catered and unique user experience that fits exactly what the business needs, without worrying about modifying the database.

Infinite Flexibility

Headless eCommerce decouples the front-end and the back-end which allows for infinite flexibility. Changes as big as making a custom checkout flow and as small as adding a new field to a customer account are easy when having a decoupled architecture.


Servers Provide Resources

A REST-API is also available to external applications via a server. Access therefore doesn’t only work locally.

Addresses Identify Things

Different types of applications need different file formats. With REST, the URI/URL doesn’t refer to a resource in a particular format, but instead to the element itself. Clients request the element in the desired format for content negotiation.

Self-Explanatory Messages

Each message on the server is self-contained and doesn’t refer to any previous ones.

Resources Given with Links

Within REST, objects are linked with one another using hyperlinks for simple navigation.

So, what does this mean for content management and e-commerce?

A welcome separation of concerns: specific platforms and tools to answer specific needs, instead of one big piece of software trying to do everything. You get to use a CMS for what it’s really good at — product management and administrative tasks at the backend. Then, everything else is up to you… from the frontend design and user experience to ecommerce logic and any other services you may need (ERP, accounting, shipping, etc.)

Wordpress Competence

  • 95%

    Plugin Development

  • 95%

    Theme Development

  • 80%

    Custom Taxonomies

  • 75%


  • 75%

    White Label Admin

Billie Mead : : Designer + Developer 2019 Resume

download or view pdf resume by clicking here

  • 01
    designer + developer Salem MA

    01 Salem MA - Freelance Design + Development

    Designed, developed and managed a diverse range of projects for large and small clients. wire-framing, prototyping, front-end design, back-end development, both traditional and headless ecommerce systems. 12-years experience with leading content management systems including WordPress, Magneto, Joomla and Drupal among others. Native Android/iOS and Progressive Web App development. Well versed in agile methodology and project management (JIRA, Trello, etc.) as well as version control systems (Git, Bitbucket, etc.).

  • 02
    designer + developer Boston MA

    02 Boston MA - PrintTech Consulting

    Developed set of 12 Magento extensions that transform the popular open-source ecommerce platform into a full-blown, enterprise-class web-to-print storefront. Designed and developed both a WordPress/Easy Digital Downloads storefront for the sale of the extensions as well as a self-replicating Magento sandbox/demo site.

  • 03
    ceo + cto Boston MA

    03 Boston MA -

    Founded and directed the growth of a pioneer of a new Internet delivery business model for offset printing. Architected, designed and helped develop proprietary software and technology which contributed to the company being the fifth largest B2B and B2C internet printer. Just prior to a successful exit, grew the company to annual sales of over $50 million with more than 100 employees at three locations in Boston, Phoenix AZ and Cleveland OH.

  • 04
    senior product manager Boston MA

    04 Boston MA - Irma S. Mann Strategic Marketing

    Worked corroboratively with creative studio team members providing creative solutions for a wide-range of agency clients. Quotation procurement, vendor and supplier relations, on-press, pre-press and post-press supervision and budget actualization/reconciliation. Managed six project teams consisting of Creative + Art Directors, Copy Writers, as well as Production and Traffic Managers, balancing creative solutions with maximum cost efficiencies that substantially increased profit margins for the agency.

  • 05
    director production Reno NV

    05 Reno NV - Trahan, Burden & Charles (T.B.C.) Advertising

    Managed 16 person staff encompassing the Print and Broadcast Production, Traffic and Creative Service departments. Developed and monitored departmental operating budget of $5.5 million. Bid out all agency storyboards to Film/Video production companies for shooting and pre and post production phases. Managed and reconciled all shooting budgets, oversaw production schedule, assisted Creative Director on-set with logistics, planning and production. Also bid all Post-Production, duplicating and finishing services.

  • 06
    production manager Las Vegas

    06 Las Vegas NV - R+R Advertising

    As one of three print production managers at the agency, I oversaw all aspects of print projects from the initial phase of reviewing client requirements to the final stages of production and distribution. When necessary I met directly with clients to understand the scope of the project, and in many cases would attend on-site press checks with the client. I was instrumental for maintaining relationships with current suppliers, as well as interviewing and qualifying new vendors for printing, prepress and print related services.

Early Career

Project Portfolio

John F. Kennedy
Man will always be the most extraordinary computer of all.

Happy clients say it all.

  • Billie and I have been working together for over a decade and his fresh, creative ideas and meticulous attention to detail have always kept me coming back as a client. Even when we just get started collaborating on a new project, he has a vision that always exceeds my expectations.

    Jessica Dean 150x150
    Jessica Dean
    Managing Partner, His and Hers Handy
  • My husband and I wanted an exceptional eCommerce website for our new greeting card business Plucky Papers, so we hired a great designer and developer: Billie Mead didn’t disappoint us. Aside from being a multi-talented designer, he is very flexible to work with and he continues to constantly make suggestions that refine and improve our business. I can highly recommend Billie for your next project.

    Ingrid Fox 150x150
    Ingrid A. Fox
    Founder, Plucky Papers
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    Eddie Cavett
    Founder, Fairbanks Jet Boat Adventures