Harvard Fairbanks Center

WordPress Custom Programming, Development + Maintenance

Harvard Fairbanks Center

I worked with the Harvard University – Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies on several occasions for freelance assignments that ranged in duration from 3 weeks to almost 3 months (10 weeks). The FCCS website is built on the WordPress framework and makes extensive use of the Advanced Custom Fields and Events Calendar plugins for which I did a considerable amount of custom coding. Their website relied heavily on the the SlideTabs plugin, but it had not been updated by the author for years. So I re-wrote and re-coded the plugin for WordPress v4.5 compatibility. Also, web accessibility standards and best practices as well as WCAG/ADA compliance is a huge focus for the university and as such I have had a lot of exposure and experience.


All projects assigned to me were very advanced in scope and I successfully dealt with several WordPress maintenance issues, bugs and new feature coding that was above the skill level of anyone onsite.

James Evans (pls inquire and I will share his contact info for reference check)


DATE: 2018, 2019 & 2020
CLIENT: Harvard Fairbanks Center for Chinese Studies
SKILLS: Expert level WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields, SlideTabs, Event Calendar Pro, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL