Varian Medical Systems

Magento Website Design + Development

Varian Medical Systems

This project for VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS was quite extensive and took almost 10 months from start to finish. The project scope was to create an internal portal that would use single sign on from Salesforce, and would allow sales team members from Varian to design a wide range of marketing materials entirely on-line, using drag and drop technology. Upon completion of the design, users could view an on-screen PDF proof and after “checkout”, high resolution print ready PDF files were delivered directly to their print vendor. This was a freelance opportunity where I filled many positions simultaneously, including lead developer, project manager and client liaison.

The project used many different technologies including Magneto v1.9 framework and PrintUI, which is a very unique Software-As-A-Service technology for Web-To-Print output that uses native Adobe InDesign underneath.

The solution was delivered to VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS on time and on budget in 2018. Unfortunately the website is no longer online and was replaced, but I have included several screenshots that show the finished UI and steps though how the process worked for users


DATE: 2018
CLIENT: Varian Medical Systems
SKILLS: Magento, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL