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Web-to-Print Magento ExtensionsFinally. Build the Enterprise-level Web-to-Print Storefront of Your Dreams!

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The PrintX ExtensionsSuite of 12 Magento Extensions

Quantity Breaks

One of two quantity choices, the Quantity Breaks option allows you to sell your customers printing in pre-set quantities such as 50, 100, 250, etc. And several of our subsequent options can use a straight line or adaptive pricing curve that follows your quantity breaks.

Page Size

The Page Size Custom Option allows you to price all of your different size items using just ONE Magento product, such as 4.25×6, 6×9 and 5.5×8.5 Postcards!

Proofing Options

Configure and offer customers soft PDF proofs for no fee, charge for hard printed proofs (with or without shipping) or no proof at all. And as with all the PrintX Custom Options, we have made it easy to integrate with your Print MIS or Automation systems.

File Upload Center

The PrintX File Submission option is so powerful it’s worth the sale price alone! Using JQuery, your customers will be able to submit HUGE files (up to 3 GB in Size) at blisteringly fast speeds, without browser timeouts or costly delays. Offer your customers the option to upload at the time of ordering, or return to your File Upload Center anytime after to submit their artwork assets, hassle-free!

Quantity Ranges

The other quantity option is Quantity Ranges where you set the different break points and assign a per piece price (1-5 @ $1.20, 6-10 @ $1.10, 11-20 @ $1.00 etc.) and customers can input any quantity on the storefront! And you can use either straight line or a pricing curve with the Quantity Ranges custom option as well.


The Inks/Colors/Coatings is very flexible and just as it sounds can be used for Inks (offset), Colors (digital) and also Coatings (Aqueous, UV, etc.). Most PrintX Magento Custom Options can be used multiple times as needed!

Turnaround & Delivery

An area for tremendous markup for online printers is with your Turnaround offerings. Charge any percentage or flat fee for any of your RUSH Turnaround delivery options and watch your revenue soar!

Miscellaneous Pricing

Here is a wildcard custom option that you can use for anything else… both printed and non-printed products alike. Give it any title, use either fixed or percentage based pricing, and either use straight line pricing or follow your quantity curves. How’s that for the ultimate in flexibility?

Number of Pages

The Number of Pages custom option allows for very flexible pricing of multi-page documents, especially when you offer different options for cover and inside paper stocks and substates.

Paperstock & Substrates

Used in conjunction with the Child Options feature (see below) the Paper Stocks & Substrates Custom Option allows you to offer and price any number of different Paper Stock options, even when you offer different selections for Cover and Inside pages!

Finishing & Bindery

We put a tremendous amount of research into the development of our Finishing and Bindery custom option and as a result the 12 different formulas it offers make it one of the most powerful pieces in the entire PrintX suite of Magento custom options. Take a look at the quantity, time and even machine capacity based formulas here.

Utility Options

And just for good measure, we included a set of handy custom options you can use to ask for and collect information of any type. The different Utility options types include: Text Field, Text Area, Drop Down, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Select, Multiple Select, Data and Date & Time.

Top PrintX Features

Our golden rule is that all PrintX Product Pricing calculators that you build must start by using one of the two different Quantity options. This is because many of the subsequent options are dependent on the Quantity already being chosen so future calculations can accurately take place. And anyone who has been in the printing business for any amount of time knows another golden rule… that print pricing is not linear, and in almost all cases as the Quantity goes up, the Price (per piece) normally goes down. We have factored this in and for almost all of the options (except Quantity of course and a few of the fixed cost options) you can follow the Quantity curve and at each break, you may elect to chance the price (+ or -) either a fixed amount or a percentage.


Using Parent-Child (otherwise known as one to many) relationships when setting-up your products allows you to build very powerful pricing calculators and option templates all while keeping the number of base products to a minimum. Based on your customer’s selection of the active or current option, you can then offer an unlimited number of different options to be chosen next. Think of a path with a defined start and finish, but in-between are an unlimited number of forks, where each one represents a choice your customer can make. Take a look at this example both on the front and back-end and you will immediately see how incredibly powerful Parent-Child relationships are.


Another powerful feature that the PrintX Magento extensions offer is the ability to set permissions that show or hide options and prices based on how you have segmented your customer groups. Setting up different pricing for all of your different customer groups has never been easier.  You can have one set of options and prices for your Retail customers and another set for your Wholesale customers. Or you can offer a set of options and prices to everyone EXCEPT your Non-profit customer. Customer group permissions can be set differently for each individual option as you build out the complete set of product choices.


Option Templates are another very powerful and time saving feature that once you understand the underlying mechanics, you will probably use them use constantly. Just as the name Template implies, the basic premise is you first build and save a skeleton set of options, and then when creating new products, all you need to do is choose the name of the Option Template and save. All of the options, prices, selection choices and data that were originally saved with the Template will be instantly applied to the Product. And as long as the Option Template stays linked to the Product(s), ANY CHANGES you make to the template will be made to all relate Products. Provided you take the time to plan your set-up of product, this feature will make price change headaches a thing of the past!


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Suite of 12 PrintX Extensions (no Updates)

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  • All 12 Extensions
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  • Magento 1.9.x.x CE
  • All 12 PrintX Extensions
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  • Online Documentation
  • LAMP Stack Required


Suite of 12 PrintX Extensions w 6 Mo. Updates

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  • All 12 Extensions
  • Priority Email Support (same day)
  • 6 Months Free Update
  • Online Documentation
  • Requires Magento 1.9 CE

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Fully and Semi-Automated Touchless Web-to-Print is not a Dream… Please get in touch for an affordable estimate for us to easily integrate your new PrintX Magento Web-to-Print storefront with any Print ERP/MIS system (that has an open API) as well as several Online Proofing and Automated PDF Production applications. * Also, let us know if you are interested in a demo of our Magento/Presswise integration.

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