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Frequently Asked Questions

12 FAQs

  • Does an Artist Account cost anything?

    No, your artist account is completely free and we only charge a modest commission based on sales. 

  • Do I keep the rights to my artwork/photography/images?

    Absolutely yes, you keep all of the rights to your submitted artwork, photography and/or images. Click here for the Plucky Papers Artist Terms and Conditions.

  • How are orders fulfilled and cards printed?

    We process the orders internally and all products are physically printed and fulfilled the same day by our trusted print-on-demand partners.

  • As a Plucky Papers Artist, how much money will I earn?

    With standard earnings, artists will earn up to 25% commission for each cards sold that features your submitted artwork and/or photography.

    Artists can fully manage their account and receive up to the second reporting on sales and commission via our exclusive Artist Portal. 

  • Who collects payment from the customer?

    Plucky Papers handles the eCommerce transaction completely and securely using bank encryption standards. 

  • How and when will my commission be paid?

    We send out commission payments on a quarterly basis, provided that your account equals or exceeds $50. Artist payments will be made within thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar quarter. Payments can be made via Paypal or by postal mail.

  • Is there a limit to the number of cards I can offer?

    No, there is not a limit at this time.

  • What are your complete Terms and Conditions for Artists?

    You may view our current Terms and Conditions for Artists here.

  • What are my responsibilities when submitting artwork and/or photos?

    Each artist is responsible for their own content. As stated in the Plucky Papers Artist Terms & Conditions accepted at registration, you must have written approval from the appropriate entity and/or a model release to use their images, or the images are will be violation and cannot be accepted.

    Some guidelines to follow:
    1. You must have a signed consent form to use the photo or likeness of:

    • A minor under the age of eighteen (18) where the face is recognizable - such release is needed from their parent or guardian.
    • An adult where the face is recognizable and the photo was taken at a non-public event, such as someone walking down the street - such release is needed from that person.

    2. You represent that the use of the image will not infringe the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity, intellectual property right, moral right or any other legal right of any party.

    This applies to any brand names & images, sporting team names, logos & images, famous people and their likenesses even in caricature and more.

    For example:
    Musicians - Janis Joplin, Elvis, etc.
    Actors/Celebrities - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, etc.
    Sporting Teams - NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys, etc.
    Vehicles - Ferrari, VW, Harley Davidson, etc
    Brands - Dos Equis, Ghirardelli, etc.

    Similarly this applies to keywords of the same nature that would produce unauthorized and misleading search results.

    Note, vehicle manufacturers have protect-able trade dress rights in the distinctive shapes of their vehicles. The unique exterior design and shape of the vehicle is their `mark’ or `trade dress' which distinguish the vehicle's exterior shape not simply as distinctively attractive designs, but as the Manufacturer’s creations. This “trade dress” right bars the use of any silhouette, picture, caricature, or reproduction of the shape or appearance of the Manufacturer’s vehicle.

    3. In respect to clip art, stock and royalty free images, it is your responsibility to insure that you have the proper permission or license for commercial use of the image in this manner, for resale on print on demand paper greeting cards.

  • Gift Cards

    Plucky Papers offers Gift Cards in set domination's as well as allowing for you to choose and purchase a Gift Card in ANY AMOUNT!

    Plucky Papers Gift Cards make an exceptionally tasteful gift for any occasion!

    To purchases a Plucky Papers Gift Card, please visit This Link or click the Gift This Product button located on each Product Page to send that particular product as a Gift to someone!

  • Can I personalize your stationery products?

    Yes, the Plucky Papers Online Designer is very easy to use and allows you to personalize any of our stationery products prior to submitting your order.

  • How can Artists Submit New Artwork/Photos?

    (Existing Plucky Papers Artists)

    Please login into your Artist Account and from the Dashboard, simply click the link ARTIST IMAGE UPLOAD.